Licensed Premises & Sporting Events Crowd Control

Our Night Club Security Service integrates customer services, risk and safety management, and specialised crowd management practices whilst working co-operatively with event promoters, management & stakeholders.

We ensure our staff understand compliance issues and are strategically placed at particular sites and are expected to fulfil their obligations with respect to Occupational Health & Safety legislation, QLD Security Industry codes of practice, and understanding of the local Liquor Licensing Act & Regulations.

Site Operating Procedures (SOP) and Alcohol Management Operations Register (AMOR) are adapted to each specific location to establish performance criteria for various aspects of the operations of the site.

Our background has us well placed to patrol sporting events and monitor crowd behaviour and control adherence to event rules and regulations. Our professional presentation, high level verbal communication skills and customer focused guards will ensure your venue or sporting event runs smoothly, safely and professionally at all times.